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10 Great Things To Do in Indonesia

Indonesia is known for its strong culture and customs. Indonesia has more than 17,500 islands to be proud of. In every island, of course there is their uniqueness.

The island is known to still have a strong culture is the island of Bali. Bali not only has stunning scenery, its cultural strength becomes its own attraction.

But, with all the things to do in Indonesia, I am surprised enough to know that most people who visit Indonesia usually go directly to Bali and pass other beautiful attractions located in other parts of Indonesia.

This is unfortunate. You will be fortunate enough if you can visit Java and Komodo Island, and also Bali. I guarantee that there is much more to do in Indonesia. And confidently say that there are better places to visit in Indonesia than Bali.

Actually, I think Bali is actually overrated, both in general but especially compared to other countries, which have more deals in terms of natural attractions.

Indonesian tourist attractions are many and varied. From the dazzling city of Jakarta to small villages where the pace life is slower. From the beaches and pure water to the cool air of mountain. From the dense forest to dry land. From traditional dance to delicious cuisine.

Only few tourists and travelers that there are actually many things to do in Indonesia. And some of them are unique and only exist in Indonesia. Be it swimming in the beautiful beach or in the largest lake or shopping in one of the major cities who hold culture and histories. Free your wild side with adventure in jungle and activities on the sea.

Indonesia is the place for every traveler from all ages. With more than thousand attractions, Indonesia promises many unforgettable experiences for you who seek them.

And here is the things to do in Indonesia:

1. Ride ‘becak’ to see the city

outdoor - 10 Great Things To Do in Indonesia

Ride one of the traditional vehicle calls ‘becak’ (trishaw) in cities like Yogyakarta in Central Java or Malang in East Java. Let it take you around the city. It can narrow the streets, and take you the better environment.

Let the wind smoothly touch your face, feel the place, smell the city’s scent. In the top of that, forget a bit of your routines. Only with that, you can enjoy your trip in Indonesia.

2. Enjoy the nightlife

outdoor - 10 Great Things To Do in Indonesia

Anyone looking for sparkling city lights needs to head to Malioboro Streets in Yogyakarta. This area is known as the main nightlife of Yogyakarta and you will find some interesting things to do. From traditional music to traditional cuisine. Just relaxed your mind and soul.

Yogyakarta also known as ‘Neverending Asia’ which is the city who never sleeps with a lot of kindly people around.

3. Shop until you drop

outdoor - 10 Great Things To Do in Indonesia

Indonesia also known as one of the best shopping places in Asia. You may find from international brands in the big shiny malls. Or some handmade goods in traditional market. From modern malls to traditional markets, you can see good salespeople. Not only branded goods, you should buy some souvenirs refer to each city you visit. And find the uniqueness on it.

4. Feel the histories and cultures

outdoor - 10 Great Things To Do in Indonesia

outdoor - 10 Great Things To Do in Indonesia

Indonesia itself host two of the most beautiful ancient wonders, the famous Borobudur temple and the revered Prambanan temple. Well preserved remains of the two great kingdoms of two different religion, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Both are still used for religious celebration. And still, many tourists have curious and visit this temple on holiday.

Beside that, you must try the ‘batik tulis’ activity. It gives you some opportunity to create batik, one of the phenomenal cultures of Indonesia that goes international.

5. Watch sunrise from the top

outdoor - 10 Great Things To Do in Indonesia

Watch sunrise from the seashore maybe becomes commonplace. Try something different. Trek and hike up one of the many mountains of Indonesia, such as Bromo in East Java, or Mount Rinjani in Lombok. View sunrise over the mount is famous for many reasons, one for sure is it will take your breath away for a while.

6. Diving in beautiful spots

outdoor - 10 Great Things To Do in Indonesia

Indonesia is not a stranger for the serious or occasional divers of the world. Indonesia has many beautiful spot of diving. One of them is Raja Ampat. The marine life around Indonesia boasts more than 3000 species and huge biodiversity. In addition, you can see the seabed from the surface. Just imagine how clear and pure the water is. Put your diving gears, and get ready to explore the well preserved ocean that you never felt before.

7. Swim in one of the world’s largest lake

outdoor - 10 Great Things To Do in Indonesia

Lake Toba or Danau Toba, well known as the largest volcanic lake in the world. It gets famous for its beauty and clear water. There is an island in the middle of the lake, Samosir Island. This lake is located in Medan, Sumatra. See the reflection of you on the clear water. Sure, this is definitely the exprerience you don’t want to miss.

8. Enjoy water sports

outdoor - 10 Great Things To Do in Indonesia

Watersports can only be done on beaches that do not have waves. Sanur is famous for its calm waves. So surfing is not possible and not fun here. For that reason, Sanur has a huge variety of water sports to offer, such as kiting surfing, paragliding, and even standing up paddle boarding.

9. Try cooking traditional cuisine in Bali

outdoor - 10 Great Things To Do in Indonesia

Eat and taste the traditional food may be ordinary for you. Try something extraordinary. Try to cooking them with your own hands. There’s a well known restaurant in Bali, Bumbu Bali. Bumbu Bali has owned by Heinz von Holzen. The restaurant not only served well cuisine, but also runs cooking classes which include morning trip to local market to learn about local Balinese ingredients. The lesson ends with communal lunch and you will get a certificate of participation as souvenir of your cooking class.

10. Watch a Kecak Dance

outdoor - 10 Great Things To Do in Indonesia

Bali gets famous because of its culture, such as traditional dance. One of those dance is Kecak dance which was developed in 1930s. Since its creation, it has been performed primarily by men until now. Every performed, at least by 150 circle performers wearing checked cloth aroun their waists. The name Kecak, takes from the sound ‘cak’ that is repeated while moving their hands and arms. You can watch the performances of the dance all over the island. Many shows take place outside in the evening.

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